Thought I should share our latest accolade while it's still fresh. Highly respected wine writing sage Michael Cooper of "Wines and Vineyards of NZ" fame, has recently awarded our 2018 Albarino 5 stars, saying;

"The highly impressive 2018 vintage is already delicious. Handled without oak, it is a bright, light yellow/green, mouthfilling, sweet-fruited wine. Distinctly peachy, with citrusy notes and a hint of passionfruit, balanced acidity and a dry (3.5 grams/litre residual sugar), spreading finish,  it's a very generous wine, with a real sense of youthful impact".

It is dangerously  moreish, with the last glassful appearing seemingly just after the bottle has been opened - although we do have rather large glasses. However, this is a great aperitif and excellent with seafood, amongst other things.

We also have a small amount of the 5 star 2018 Rose left if you want to stock up before the BBQ season. Be warned that it may not make it to that time of year due to unrestrained drinkability.

And to go with the lamb shanks or beouf bourguignon while we're still in the depths of winter, we can offer the 2016 Merlot/Franc or 2018 Syrah, both drinking really well now, or if you want to spoil yourself, we also have the Basket Press version of each. For those of you fortunate enough to fly at the pointy end with Air NZ on international flights, you'll be pleased to know that you will be able to have a glass (or two) of the 2016 Merlot/Franc starting in a month or so. Great to have our wine in Business Class.

All of our wines have been rated 4 or 5 stars by the likes of Mike Cooper, Bob Campbell, Joelle Thomson, Sam Kim and the late Raymond Chan which we're pretty chuffed about. To celebrate that and the imminent return of warmer temperatures, our winter offer will be 10-20% off the normal website pricing, and will run from Saturday 20th July to Wednesday 31st July. This link should take you to the right place 

Happy winter.



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