Winter newsletter

Wow, that southerly certainly sneaked up unexpectedly after a few balmy days over the weekend. Just when I was thinking that pruning vines was a great outdoor job with a gentle northerly breeze and the warm winter sun preventing the onset of cabin fever, and bang - suddenly the drought is consigned to history and we're struggling to make it into double digit temperatures. Doing paperwork is not such a bad option after all.

Just a few days out from the winter solstice and with temperatures likely to cool off a little further before we head back towards spring, it's hard not to reach automatically for a warming bottle of red at the end of the day. And I see some bright spark has now linked red wine to a lower liklehood of obesity. So now it not only prevents heart disease and fights cancer, it's also a slimming aid. Fantastic. Who needs a marketing department with all this stuff making headlines.

Now is the time to stock up on some great reds to see you through the cold bits. Click on this link to our secure website to order at pretty smart prices and we'll deliver to your door for free. Buy two cases (24 bottles) of any combination of our wines and we'll send you a magnum of 2004 Basket Press to help warm you up - also for free. Can't ask for a better deal than that.

Have a great winter.




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