What an unbelievable year. A wet and miserable winter topped off with the devastating quake in Canterbury and now record snowfalls in the deep south. Just when I thought the first signs of spring were becoming evident. Add to that the poor buggers who have spent four years training for the Commonwealth Games, which now may be all for nothing, and it's a wonder we can raise a smile.

But let's not dwell on the negatives. The sun still rises every day (although that is not always obvious under present climatic conditions), and a glass of wine lifts any meal out of the ordinary. Not to mention wine's health giving and stress reducing properties. Temperatures will rise and the wind will drop, so keep hold of the big picture.

We have some great prices available on the website ( www.redmetalvineyards.co.nz) for the next 2 weeks to help you feel better about the world. And all case orders from Canterbury and Southland will get a free magnum of 2004 Basket Press. Just because you need something to smile about.




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