Finally, after 3 years of avoiding the inevitable, I have managed to master the intricacies of web marketing (or at least understand which buttons to push) and get around to sending out a long overdue newsletter. The plan is eventually to make paper mail orders obsolete - but that's a wee way off yet.

To celebrate this momentus occasion (and to see if anybody actually reads the thing) I'll give you 10% off all case orders from our website before the end of June. Just write "newsletter offer" in the special delivery instructions box on the orders page and you'll get the best Merlot this side of the black stump at prices our accountant will choke on. Click on this link to take you to the website

We've just had another outstanding vintage and the drought has also finally broken here in Hawkes Bay. The last few years have seen an unprecedented run of good vintages beginning with the warm and dry 2004. Our 2005 Merlot / Franc is drinking superbly, along with the Mt Erin and Basket Press blends from 2004, and the 06 and 07 vinatges in barrel and tank look fantastic.

Now that the average age of our vines is around 12 years, we are seeing some luxuriously fine tannins coming through, along with a depth and complexity of flavour that is rare from younger vines. And combined with the run of vintages that we've just had, winemaking has become a lot of fun again.

Winter is the time to stock up on reds and this is an exceptionally good deal. Strike while the iron is hot.


Grant Edmonds

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