Another growing season has kicked off and the vines appear to have survived a couple of early frosts intact. The long range forecast  indicates a shift to a mild El Nino season, with the Southern Oscillation (and a few other weather geek terms) conspiring to give us a predicted very warm and very dry summer here in Hawkes Bay. Great for wine quality and ice cream vendors. Not so good for pastoral farmers and fresh water fish.

All of this backgrounds a few changes here at Redmetal, where I have gone back to the future and returned to a full-time, hands-on role which is where this all began more than 25 years ago (well maybe the full-time, hands-on bit was only 23 years ago). After being pseudo-corporate for 21 years it's great to get back to calling all of the shots and not having to sit through interminably unproductive and repetitive meetings. Mind you, being viticulturist, machinery operator, winemaker, cellarhand, sales and marketing manager, chief financial officer, accounts assistant and general dogsbody does have its challenges. I'm up for a good challenge. Should have done it years ago.

Now that the 2018 Rose is safely in the bottle, and with the dreaded "C" word (Christmas) looming, we thought a wine offer might be timely. If you click through to you should - assuming my digital skills are up to scratch - be deposited directly onto the orders page of our website. The pricing indicated below will be available there from Sunday 4th to Friday 16th of November, and providing you order 6 or more bottles we will deliver them free to your door.

I have reproduced the home page of the website below with its comments and descriptions plus pricing of the wines that are available:

Just in time for summer, the 2018 Rose ($20 / $18is now available. Fashionably pale in colour with lovely red fruit and a true Provencal savoury character, this is a great food-friendly style of Rose with wonderful texture and a silky finish.

The 2017 Syrah ($21 / $19appears to have developed a cult following and is currently giving the Merlot/Franc a run for it's money in the best seller stakes. Ripe, soft and very drinkable. 

Down to the last 30 cases of the 2015 Merlot/Franc ($19 / $18), get it while you still can. Dark, soft and succulent, it's a hard one to beat at the price. However, if you miss out on that one the 2016 Merlot/Franc ($20 / $18is waiting in the wings. Another great value red from another warm vintage. Bob Campbell rated it his best buy on the Newstalk ZB slot with Jack Tame a few months ago, and even better than that, he suggested it was punching well above it's weight and worth significantly more than our $20 website price. Michael Cooper also gave it a 4 star thumbs up in September.

The 2017 Albarino ($24 / $21)is drinking beautifully at the moment. With a slightly savoury finish and up front citrus / stonefruit characters, it's a great seafood match. Another 4 star wine from Mr Cooper.

Our Basket Press Merlot/Franc 2016 ($34 / $30) rated 4.5 stars  from Mike, as befits its reserve level status. From yet another warm growing season, it is dark, soft and ripe - and extremely moreish. Superb drinking already (and it's just a baby). This was our biggest seller at Winetopia - clearly a very sophisticated group of consumers. And if you have a serious thirst this wine is also available in 1.5L magnums ($95 / $85) complete with a wooden box which makes it a great Christmas gift.

This pricing will only be available until November 16th, so make the most of it. It's also first in, best dressed on the 2015 Merlot/Franc.

Have a great festive season and keep your fingers crossed for good beach weather. The grapes love it.



Grant Edmonds


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