For those of you who haven't heard - it's all true. From October we threw caution to the wind and moved in with red + white cellar for national distribution (they seem to think there's a shortage of upper case letters, so decided to stick with the little ones - in case you were wondering about my grammatical capabilities). What this means is that you'll start to see Redmetal cropping up in decent eateries all over the country, as well as a wider range of independent retailers.

To celebrate our elevation to (almost) mainstream status, we thought it would be a good time to offer a great deal to our long standing and loyal customers - which means you. We want to do this before the prices are adjusted to reflect the new normal, not to mention the true relative quality of the wines. It also happens to be only 6 weeks or so until Christmas, which is a happy coincidence...

Bob Campbell, deservedly among New Zealand's wine tasting royalty, has just rated our 2015 Basket Press Syrah 95 points / 5 stars and the #6 wine out of 39 high end NZ Syrahs in his tasting line up. This includes a decent number of wines that retail at twice or even three times the price of the Redmetal wine. So we're pretty chuffed about that. Raymond Chan and Sam Kim have also given us 5 stars for this wine, so we're actually double or triple chuffed.

Also on offer is the 2017 Rose - very pale with lovely red fruit characters and a savoury, Provencal finish that is hard to put down. Add to that the 2016 Albarino (think summer seafood), the 2015 Merlot/Franc designed to keep the throat lubricated while the steak and sausages sizzle on the barbie, and the 2016 Syrah, which is rapidly disappearing from the warehouse due to it's gulpability. And to top it off is the 2016 Basket Press Merlot/Franc - not yet released to anybody else and only included in this offer for a couple of weeks until we revert to the last of the 2014.

Special pricing will start on Friday 10 November and run until Wednesday 22 November, so stock up for the Christmas break and hopefully we'll all enjoy a long, hot summer. Remember not to jump the gun before Friday.




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