GST, OCR, NZX, FOREX... Is it any wonder people don't understand economics? And the current domestic and international news on that front is about as uplifting as the southerly presently reminding us that winter is more than just officially in residence. However, the drop in the NZ dollar will certainly improve export returns, which has to be a good thing for a small export dependent economy, (although not so good if you were planning an overseas trip).

My take on economics is simple. A potential export customer of ours has decided they don't require the Winemaker's Selection Merlot / Cabernet Franc 2008 that was specially labelled for them. Since we have a few pallets of this wine sitting in the warehouse, the equation doesn't need a degree in rocket science to figure out. So as a mail order customer of Redmetal, we are offering you this wine at $10 a bottle . That's including GST (at 12.5%), the OCR (at 2.5%), NZX (at 2% less than it was yesterday) and FOREX (at whatever seemingly random position it has arrived at currently). We think that is both simple economics and outstandingly good value.

It will be available on the website ( or just click on orders at the left of this page) until whenever I get up on Monday June 14th. Which could be earlyish. So don't hang back from the best deal on red wine we're ever likely to offer.

Grant Edmonds


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