Time to roll out some great deals now that summer is coming to a close, so  check out the offers below.

It's hard to believe that we're almost ready to kick off another harvest, especially since it seems the last one was not that long ago. I guess it's all part of that " time goes faster as you get older" thing which I've been consistently denying the existence of for the last decade or so. Time to stop pretending and just go with the flow. But here's hoping that 50 really is the new 40.

Just thinking of all the antioxidants in red wine makes me feel better, and I have to admit that taking my medicine this way is not all bad. I'm sure the hair shirt brigade would rather have us take it in a pill, but a little alcohol is also good for you, both physically and for essential social lubrication. It's all about a balanced life.

And speaking of balance, we have decided (after much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth) to produce a little white wine to go with our Merlot / Franc blend and give you the option of starting your evening with a Redmetal Chardonnay before moving on to the reds. After 12 years of producing only red wine we finally agreed with some of our customers who have asked us about this possibility for a number of years.

The reason for Chardonnay is twofold:
1. Chardonnay never goes out of style
2. Hawkes Bay is consistently the best region for Chardonnay in New Zealand

So we've gone and done it, and the results are great (of course). Lightly oaked with citrus and a hint of stonefruit on the palate followed by a clean and refreshing finish, it has been my pre-dinner drink of choice this summer. Excellent current drinking and it will cellar for another 2-3 years if you feel the need. Buy a case before March 14th and you'll only pay for 10 bottles.

We also have available the fantastic 2006 Merlot/Franc . I drink way too much of this just because it is so ripe, soft and juicy and very hard to turn down another glass full. We are getting near to the end of the 2004 Mt Erin Merlot/Franc so to clear the last of our cork closures we are offering this at $20 per bottle (which is 30% off retail and 15% off the normal mail order price). For those who want a higher end wine to cellar or use for special occasions - like dinner for example - the 2005 Basket Press Merlot/Franc is looking very good.

Buy 2 dozen of any combination and we'll send you a magnum of Basket Press to use when you get really thirsty.

You can order on our secure website www.redmetalvineyards.co.nz which is only a mouse click away.

Fingers crossed for another good harvest.




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