In the depths of winter it's nice to know that we have just passed peak cold (sounds weird but you know what I mean) which occurs roughly 6 weeks after the winter solstice - also known as the Hibernian solstice, so now I know where hibernation comes from. Mr Google can be so useful at times.


Anyway, it has been the wettest autumn / winter we have seen in the 25 years we have lived in Hawkes Bay, and some of the locals are saying it may be the wettest in their lifetime. No problem for the vineyards at this time of year, and by the law of averages we should see a drought later this year so the rainfall numbers even out over a full 12 months. That's my theory and it does seem to work, vaguely.


So while we wait for the weather to improve and the sun to spend a little more time on this side of the planet, we thought you might be interested in topping up the cellar to see you through to Spring and the not too distant Labour Weekend holiday. Wouldn't hurt to have a few bottles on hand for Saturday 23 September either, to celebrate or commiserate depending on the now not so clear cut result. And yes, I'm talking about the triennial exercise of universal suffrage here in Godzone (the All Blacks test against South Africa is the week before).


Unfortunately the 2017 Rose won't be bottled until late September, but we still have some of the excellent 2016 Albarino to help fill in that space, along with the 2015 Merlot/Franc and the recently released 2016 Syrah (4 stars from both Raymond Chan and Sam Kim). If you want to take the whole thing a tad more seriously, we also have the 2014 Basket Press Merlot/Franc which is drinking very well with a few years under its belt, and the 2015 Basket Press Syrah - also recently released and with 5 star ratings from both of the aforementioned gentlemen.


We have adjusted the website pricing for this offer, which will run through until Saturday 19 August, after which prices will revert to normal. Click on this link to take you through to the website Happy drinking.









Grant Edmonds
Chief Nurturer of Grapevines

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