For the last few years we have been helping schools and sports clubs to raise funds for diverse goals such as overseas trips, building projects or new equipment. For those who get behind it the rewards have been substantial, with relatively little effort required.

The idea is very simple. We offer wines at a very competitive rate for the school or club to sell to anyone that supports them. For each case sold, we provide $40 in cash as sponsorship. We provide the newsletter template and the school or club markets the wine to members, friends and anyone else they may know through their normal contact channels. They then receive the orders and payment, pass it on to us and we deliver the wine to a central pickup point, along with a cheque for the sponsorship value.

The well organised groups have moved literally hundreds of cartons and collected in more than one case tens of thousands of dollars in sponsorship. They are very happy with the funds raised and the buyers are happy to have a great case of wine to drink at the same time as supporting the school or club with which they are associated.

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