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With summer on the way we thought it was about time to introduce you to the latest, and certainly most off the wall, of our wine line up. It's our first vintage of Albarino, a fantastic variety from Spain and Portugal which we decided to plant a few years ago based on its intrinsic quality, aromatic stonefruit and citrus characters, and its resistance to the effects of rain pre-harvest. As it turns out, the latter reason is looking more and more redundant - for this season at least. But the other two reasons have been well borne out in this first release. Tiny volume available for this year, with Phil's Kitchen restaurant in Mt Eden, Auckland listing it literally straight off the bottling line, so demand may well exceed supply. MooChowChow in Ponsonby has also just taken it on, so it's all happening.

We have also bottled a Syrah from 2015 and another Basket Press Syrah, this time from the 2014 vintage. Both are pretty smart examples, with the standard wine showing hints of black pepper and softer tannins for early drinkability. The Basket Press version is a bigger, more concentrated beast, with lots of dark fruit and the ability to cellar for up to a decade. Unlikely to happen for the 3 dozen that went to the Spencer on Byron hotel on Auckland's North Shore, also before bottling was actually complete.

Still reasonable stocks of the 2013 Basket Press Merlot/Franc (94 points) and the 2013 Resolution (93 points) available, with both evolving into very drinkable examples of high end Bridge Pa Triangle Merlots befitting such a great vintage.


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