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A huge thank you to all of our customers (including our amazing distributor Red+White Cellar), for their support in the midst of this catastrophe. About 70% of our business was with restaurants and cafes, so our normal income has pretty much dropped off a cliff and we are totally reliant on our online sales for cash flow to cover harvest and processing costs. We have chosen not to access Government funding at this stage as we believe that there are many, many more people out there who are in far greater need than we are. So thank you again and when the lockdown eases please go out to your favourite eateries and local retailers to get them back up and running and ensure their staff have jobs. I'm sure we'll all be keen to eat somewhere other than home...

We are incredibly fortunate that all of our fruit has been harvested and is fermenting in the winery. Kudos to the dedicated harvester, truck and gondola drivers around the country, (as well as winery workers) who are risking their health to ensure the industry doesn't face collapse. They all appear to be taking the safety protocols very seriously. Also an enormous vote of thanks to the health care workers at all levels who are busting a gut to ensure the rest of us are OK.

Since Redmetal is a one man (and his wife) band, we will complete all of the processing in our own bubble and have no need to go off the property for some time. The plague of rabbits that we have suffered during the drought is beginning to look a little like a fresh food larder than can be harvested as required. Unfortunately they have already eaten many of our vege seedlings, so this could be payback.

Wineries that have existing mail order sales are allowed to sell wine online for contactless delivery by courier. I'm sure many of our customers will be very pleased, and as part of that we have reduced our prices back to the special offer of 15-20% off normal pricing that ostensibly finished in mid March, and will maintain that pricing for as long as the lockdown remains in place.

Our 5 star 2018 Albarino is now sold out at the winery. Apologies to those who have missed out. The next release is not until the middle of the year. We'll keep you posted. 

The 2019 Rose is very moreish. A signature dry and delicious any time of year lip smacker.

Soft and succulent, the 2018 Syrah follows on from the very popular 2017. It has the hallmark ripe dark fruit flavours with a soft finish and plenty of drinkability.

The 2016 Merlot/Franc is another great value red from another warm vintage. Bob Campbell rated it his best buy in the middle of 2018, and even better than that, he suggested it was punching well above it's weight and worth significantly more than our $20 website price. Michael Cooper also gave it a 4 star thumbs up. Perfect drinking coming into cooler weather.

Our Basket Press Merlot/Franc 2016 rated 4.5 stars  from Mike Cooper, is now only  available in 1.5L magnums complete with a wooden box which makes it a great gift. It is dark, soft and ripe - and superb drinking already (and it's just a baby). Only a few left now.

The 2018 Basket Press Merlot/Franc is now ready to go (we didn't make a 2017 because we didn't rate the vintage as good enough). Not a lot of this made, and we picked the eyes out of the fruit to ensure we maintain the rich, soft style.

And finally, a review from Yvonne Lorkin in the Herald's Canvas magazine on the 2018 Basket Press Syrah in October:
"Grant Edmonds has a freakish gift for creating red wines that stamp themselves on your brain, grip your gums and don't let go. He has a tiny vineyard on Maraekakaho Road, smack bang in the middle of the Bridge Pa Triangle that turns out intensely concentrated Syrah time and time again. Scented with pepper, violets, plum, cranberry and such a succulent, saucy mouthfeel, it's dangerously easy to drink." 

Freakish indeed...

Speaking of which, we opened a bottle of The Merlot 2000 recently and were blown away by the sweet fruit, soft tannins, balance and class of the beast. If you're a fan of mature Bordeaux you might just be pleasantly surprised by this 20 year old gem. We found half a dozen 6 packs hidden at the back of the winery, but alas, they have now gone to a few good homes.

 "Some things are better left unsaid. Which I generally realise right after I've said them."

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